Pramukhswami Maharaj Jan Shatabdi Mahotsav 2022

Pramukhswami Maharaj Jan Shatabdi Mahotsav 2022 

15 December 2022, from Thursday 13 January 2023, will be celebrated in Ahmedabad with grandeur during Friday. Dt. On January 13, the climax of this festival will be celebrated as ‘Shatabdi Janam Jayanti Din’, when numerous devotees from home and abroad will pay homage to Guruhari Pramukh Swami Maharaj through Shatabdi-Vandana at S.P. Ahmedabad. A huge festival site has been built on 600 acres on the ring road. In which Pramukh Swami Maharaj Nagar has been prepared and many facilities have been created.

or this month-long festival, ‘Pramukhswami Maharaj Nagar’ has been constructed on a large land of 600 acres on Sardar Patel Ring Road at the western end of Ahmedabad.

Currently under construction, this city will become a ‘cultural wonderland’ with various structures that exude the nectar of inspiration. Various national and international programs and various presentations will set the atmosphere buzzing in Pramuchswami Maharaj Nagar

What will be the attraction in Swaminarayan Nagar?

Grand artistic entrances

Kalamandit Temple

Bhakti Mandapo

A huge statue of Pramuchswami Maharaj

Demonstrations teaching higher values of life

Creative spots conveying the message of Indian culture


Jyoti Udyan

Light and Sound Show

Food and drink stalls

More than two thousand volunteers are currently serving in the construction work of this magnificent ‘

Swaminarayan Nagar’ and when the festival begins, 50 thousand volunteers will be ready to welcome the lakhs of devotees who will come here.

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Nagar includes many attractions including inspirational performances, fun and educational Balnagari, scenic and colorful Jyoti Udyan, vivid replica of Akshardham, light and sound show.

Out of the 600 acres, 200 acres of Pramuchswamy Nagar will be constructed. The remaining 400 acres will have a canteen, accommodation and breakfast facility for the volunteers. The flats to the right of the main entrance will accommodate around 700 Swami.

અહીંથી જુઓ તમામ ફોટાઓ અને ચાલુ રહેલ તૈયારી

પ્રમુખ સ્વામી મહારાજ મહોત્સવ લાઈવ જુઓ

As soon as one enters the town, a huge 30 feet tall golden statue of Brahmaswarup Pramuchswami Maharaj on a 15 feet high pithika in the middle of a huge circle will attract everyone. The life story of Brahmaswarup Pramuchswami Maharaj is displayed in the circle around this statue.

This gateway is reminiscent of the great Jyotirdhara saints of Indian culture. There will be a large parking lot on either side of the festival venue, from which the other six gateways leading into the ‘Pramukhswami Maharaj Nagar’ are also exquisite examples of art and craft. Measuring 116 feet in length and 38 feet in height, each of these entrances will commemorate the unique personality and lifeline of Brahmaswarup Pramuchswami Maharaj.

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